Eastside Mulley & Nique Got-It “Eastside Angel” | @NiqueGot_It

CMC Ent. LLC presents Nique Got-It & Eastside Mulley “Eastside Angel” mixtape. The Muskegon, MI; rapper and recording artist pays tribute to his fallen brother with this collaboration. A heartfelt EP full of ups and downs,”Eastside Angel” is a project that anyone who may have lost a best friend, sibling, or side-kick, will relate to. Letting go is more complicated than it seems and these nine tracks full of heat is exactly what you need.

Nique Got-It is not taking any time off, so make sure to check back often for new music, videos, merch, market visits, and more.

Tracklist: 01. Eastside Angel Intro 02. Different Views ft 76Chain 03. No Warning 04. On Tour 05. Not us ft 76Chain 06. Work Out 07. Want & Need 08. Supposed To Win 09. Until We Meet Again

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