Cheri Janae x Teeardropz “Perfidia Love” Single

Perfidia is one of the greatest love songs of all time and the newly released version “Perfidia Love” from Manatee Records featuring Chicago songstress “Cheri Janae” and rising reggae superstar “Teeardropz” have blasted the song out of musical proportionality.

Perfidia Love is the lead off single from the “Perfidia Riddim” produced by Manatee Records with a much crossover feel of RnB/Reggae and Pop vibes to the sound.

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Follow Cheri Janae: <br. Twitter: cherijanae
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Instagram: teeardropzlifestyle
Business Contact:
CalvinFlowers | Manatee Records | Phone:+1 312 226-9034
Tumblr: Https://
Twitter: manateerecords
Instagram: manateerecords

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