Lamborghini Ace is straight out of California. Since the age of 14, Lamborghini Ace has been bringing his old school music influences mixed with that Southern Cali style to the rap game. Born Andre Hale, Lamborghini Ace has been beating the odds stacked up against him since ’83. After surviving multiple gunshot wounds to the arms and chest and a fatal car accident that rolled over 7 times, Lamborghini Ace knows that he is supposed to be here on this earth and he has been proving that with his rise in the hip-hop and rap industry. Lamborghini Ace is all about writing his lyrics and has a niche for painting pictures of his life. “This Cat’s vocal quality coupled with his ‘Real Talk’lyrical content, makes him a major contender in this rap game,” stated Mr. Wilson. “The Business”, which features Three Six Mafia founding member and rap legend, Juicy J. Makes it a no-brainer on why California’s radio station Power 106, named Lamborghini Ace to their “Who’s Next 2” featured list.

Stars and Stripes with Lamborghini Ace Bursting with confident swagger and a West coast attitude is Lamborghini Ace, blasting out of the gate and rolling through the hip hop scene with the force of a bulldozer. Utilizing old school influences mixed with traditional Southern Californian vibes, he produces a heavy handed style of music which fits nicely into the contemporary rap niche. Buzzing his way through popular lyrical topics like money, cars, women, and success, Lamborghini Ace aims to entertain and excite the crowd, pumping out club anthems capable of lighting up the Friday night sky. His $tars and $tripes mixtapes continue to create a stir throughout Los Angeles, as his reputation and skill grows with each and every day


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